Triggers (.lutriggers)

plain text, xml structure

trigger - A trigger
id - as referenced in in the .lvl
event - event type on which the trigger should fire
id - A EventID value
command - command to be executed on trigger
id - command type todo: document possible values
self for the trigger,
target for the object that triggered it,
zone probably the ZoneControlObject,
objGroup which instantiates another attribute called targetName
args - command-specific arguments todo:

Possible Values (EventIDs)

  • OnDestroy
  • OnCustomEvent
  • OnEnter
  • OnExit
  • OnCreate
  • OnHit
  • OnTimerDone
  • OnRebuildComplete
  • OnActivated
  • OnDeactivated
  • OnArrived
  • OnArrivedAtEndOfPath
  • OnZoneSummaryDismissed
  • OnArrivedAtDesiredWaypoint
  • OnPetOnSwitch
  • OnPetOffSwitch
  • OnInteract

Possible Values (Commands)

Command Parameters
zonePlayer [zone ID],(0 for non-instanced, 1 for instanced), (x, y, z position), (y rotation), (spawn point name)
fireEvent (String to send to the recipient)
destroyObj (0 for violent, 1 for silent)
toggleTrigger [0 to disable, 1 to enable]
resetRebuild (0 for normal reset, 1 for “failure” reset)
setPath [new path name],(starting point index),(0 for forward, 1 for reverse)
setPickType [new pick type, or -1 to disable picking]
moveObject [x offset],[y offset],[z offset]
rotateObject [x rotation],[y rotation],[z rotation]
pushObject [x direction],[y direction],[z direction]
repelObject (force multiplier)
setTimer [timer name],[duration in seconds]
cancelTimer [timer name]
playCinematic [cinematic name],(lead-in in seconds),(“wait” to wait at end),(“unlock” to NOT lock the player controls),(“leavelocked” to leave player locked after cinematic finishes),(“hideplayer” to make player invisible during cinematic
toggleBBB (“enter” or “exit” to force direction)
updateMission [taskType],[targetid],[value1],[value2],[wsValue]
setBouncerState [“on” to activate bouncer or “off” to deactivate bouncer]
bounceAllOnBouncer No Parameters Required
turnAroundOnPath No Parameters Required
goForwardOnPath No Parameters Required
goBackwardOnPath No Parameters Required
stopPathing No Parameters Required
startPathing No Parameters Required
LockOrUnlockControls [“lock” to lock controls or “unlock” to unlock controls]
PlayEffect [nameID],[effectID],[effectType],[priority(optional)]
StopEffect [nameID]
activateMusicCue DEPRECATED. Does nothing.
deactivateMusicCue DEPRECATED. Does nothing.
flashMusicCue DEPRECATED. Does nothing.
setMusicParameter DEPRECATED. Does nothing.
play2DAmbientSound DEPRECATED. Does nothing.
stop2DAmbientSound DEPRECATED. Does nothing.
play3DAmbientSound DEPRECATED. Does nothing.
stop3DAmbientSound DEPRECATED. Does nothing.
activateMixerProgram DEPRECATED. Does nothing.
deactivateMixerProgram DEPRECATED. Does nothing.
CastSkill [skillID]
displayZoneSummary [1 for zone start, 0 for zone end]
SetPhysicsVolumeEffect [“Push”, “Attract”, “Repulse”, “Gravity”, “Friction”],[amount],(direction x, y, z),(“True” or “False”)(min distance)(max distance)
SetPhysicsVolumeStatus [“On”, “Off”]
setModelToBuild [template ID]
spawnModelBricks [amount, from 0 to 1],[x],[y],[z]
ActivateSpawnerNetwork [Spawner Network Name]
DeactivateSpawnerNetwork [Spawner Network Name]
ResetSpawnerNetwork [Spawner Network Name]
DestroySpawnerNetworkObjects [Spawner Network Name]
Go_To_Waypoint [Waypoint index],(“true” to allow direction change, otherwise “false”),(“true” to stop at waypoint, otherwise “false”)
ActivatePhysics “true” to activate and add to world, “false” to deactivate and remove from the world