Game Database

The game database is a collection of information tables provided in the latest game version via the CDClient.fdb Database (.fdb) file. It used to be named ivantest.fdb and previous to that ivantest.xml.

It is used to describe the majority of content within the game, or rather their registration and properties, relying on and defining the assets that are present in the resource folder.

The client database is usually compressed within a Pack (.pk) file, but may be decompressed and manipulated to change the game’s behavior.

As the table columns follow no common naming convention, this is very much a system which must have evolved over time, with many people working on getting all LU systems to be backed by the database.

The database is censored in some places where the client does not have and does not need some information, such as server-side script files. In those cases strings are replaced with a string like TableName__123__column__removed.