This tables defines the preconditions as used by the reqPrecondition field of the ItemComponent table.

Column Type
targetLOT TEXT
targetGroup TEXT
targetCount INTEGER
localize BOOLEAN
validContexts BIGINT
locStatus INTEGER
gate_version TEXT

512 Slots

Column type

0 Item Equipped
1 Item Not Equipped
2 Player has item
3 Player does not have item
4 Player has achievement targetLOT
5 Mission available to player
6 Player on Mission
7 Player completed mission
8 Player has a pet deployed
9 The flag targetLOT needs to be set to True.
10 Player within some shape thing (see Craig)
11 Player is engaged in the right kind of Build
12 Minigame Team Check
13 Player Is In Pet Taming Minigame
14 Has faction
15 Does not have faction
16 Has racing license
17 Does not have license
18 Is a LEGO Club Member
19 NoInteraction (Uchu?)
20 ???
21 ???
22 Player has Level targetLOT or greater

Column validContexts

This column is a bitmask that describes the set of circumstances in which this precondition applies.


What is the meaning of the individual bits?