Kit Factions

The game has four so-called Kit Factions: Assembly, Paradox, Sentinels and Venture League. This has nothing to do with the Factions table, which specifies which objects can attack each other. The wiki article on Factions describes their purpose from a player perspective.

Factions are implemented using the Flag System and the Mission System. While the mission system controls which mission path you take, the flag system unlocks the faction vendors (and probably more, not tested more than that yet) to buy special gear and is used in certain lua scripts to determine the player’s faction.

One side thing to mention is, that you can activate all faction flags without any trouble other than unlocking stuff from all factions.


The following missions control the faction missions:

venture Mission 555 Mission 556 Mission 778
assembly Mission 544 Mission 545 Mission 778
paradox Mission 577 Mission 578 Mission 778
sentinel Mission 566 Mission 567 Mission 778

Item Sets

Each faction has a unique kitType value in the ItemSets table.

Sentinel 1
Assembly 2
Paradox 3
Venture 4
Bat Lord / Mosaic Jester 5



Where is this used?

The following numbers represent the factionKitID:

venture 1
assembly 2
paradox 3
sentinel 4