Naming and Describing Models

While editing on properties, players have the ability to name and describe their models. Players also have the ability to name and describe their property.

The following diagram shows the expected reply from a server in order to succeed in the naming/describing process

==Player Finished Naming/Describing Model==
Client -> WorldServer: [<b>Game Message UpdatePropertyOrModelForFilterCheck</b>]

==Property or Model Name/Description Has Been Moderated (reply can be in any order)==
WorldServer -> Client: [<b>Game Message SetName</b>] Sent to the model in the world
WorldServer -> Client: [<b>Item Component Serialization</b>] Description updated with moderated description

Networked message definitions

Component serialization

Until the SetName message and Item Component serialization are sent, the client will be unable to name or describe models until a time out occurs, upon which the client side name and description will revert to their previous values.

The following will happen if the client does not receive both of these replies:

  • The name will not be updated unless the SetName Game Message is sent from the WorldServer to the Client.

  • The description will not be updated unless the Item Component Serialized with the moderated description.

What should happen after receiving the Client message

If a user successfully changes the name and/or description and the values are approved and are different from their defaults, the model should become a user generated model and lose its default model property so that the name can be preserved when the model is picked up. While there is no live packet captures showing the FilterCheck Game Message being sent, other live packet captures imply that even a simple name/description change did change the models LOT to Object 14 and when placed back in the inventory, was changed to Object 6662.

This can be assumed because Entity Construction Serialization from live packet captures would show that models LOT would now be 14. Even when an entity had no description and still had the default name, the entity was still set to LOT 14.