Destroyable Component (7)

An object with this component may be destroyed by attacking it, and will drop some specific loot when destroyed. The loot matrix to be used is configurable in this component.

The component also stores the health, imagination and armor of the object alongside the faction and what happends when the object dies.

Faction in this case does not represent the Nexus Force player faction, but rather groups of objects that can destroy only some other groups of objects. For example, players could not hit each other, as could stromlings. But players could destroy stromlings and the other way around.

Relevant Database Tables

This component uses the DestructibleComponent table.

Relevant Game Messages

XML Serialization <dest>

This component is serialized to XML to store its data. The attributes are:

am:Maximum Armor
ac:Current Armor
hc:Current Health
hm:Maximum Health
ic:Current Imagination
im:Maximum imagination.
rsh:Respawn Health
rsi:Respawn Imagination