Interrupt (41)

This behavior interrupts a target which is either the actual target of this behavior, or the caster. This discrepency is controlled by the target parameter in the database.


Name Type Description
interrupt_attack int_bool True to interrupt attacks
interrupt_block int_bool True to interrupt blocks
interrupt_charge int_bool True to interrupt charge-up
interupt_attack int_bool typo, unused parameter in 1.10.64.
interupt_charge int_bool type, unused parameter in 1.10.64.
target int_bool True if you use the target of this branch, false to target caster.

BitStream Serialization

if target != self:
[bit] - True if target is immune to stuns. Return if this is true.
if “interrupt_block” false:
[bit] - True if target is blocking interrupts. Return if this is true.
[bit] - Unused system from live that likely sent the skillUid that was interrupted? If true, serialization is as follows.
[bit] Has another interrupted skillUid
[u32] Interrupted skillUid